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Projection & PA facilities

We offer professional-standard projector and screen facilities in the Minster Hall & Theatre,

and smaller facilities in the Quarter Jack Hall, Canford Room & Julian Room

  • Show presentations - images or video, with or without audio

  • Stream talks from a remote lecturer via Zoom* and watch on screen

  • Show films (licence conditions may apply)

  • Microphones/PA available in Minster Hall & Theatre and Quarter Jack Hall                                                                    

Further information

Minster Hall & Theatre

  • Screen size 5m x 2.89m (16:9) 

  • HDMI, VGA, minijack and Ethernet connections available for your device*

  • Ceiling speakers for even sound distribution throughout the room

  • Microphone/PA available  

  • Room has curtains and variable lighting

Quarter Jack Hall, Canford Room & Julian Room

  • Portable projector available, projecting onto a flat wall

  • HDMI and VGA connections for your device*

  • Curtains/window blinds in rooms


You will need to supply your own laptop etc., in good working order. We are unable to supply a laptop for your use.

We can supply HDMI, VGA, minijack and Ethernet cables. For any device with a DisplayPort/Mini DisplayPort, USB-C or Apple Lightning connector, you will need a suitable adaptor. 

To host Zoom meetings/presentations, you must have an active Zoom account, accessible via the device you plan to use for the event. You may access our internet service but we cannot be held responsible if a service outage, beyond our control, occurs during your event. 

Please call 01202 887247 or email to find out more and make a booking.

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