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Roadside banner advertising at the Allendale

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We have two banner frames facing Hanham Road, visible to passing traffic and pedestrians. Subject to available space, these can be used to advertise your event or regular hire at the Allendale.

For events:

Required banner size is 5ft wide (left to right) x 3ft high (top to bottom) (152cm x 91cm)*. Spaces are booked on a first-come, first-served basis. September to December usually sees the highest demand. Please enquire. 

*We have two long-established hirers who used a 10ft. x 3ft. banner before the above size restriction was agreed, and continue to do so.  

For regular hires:

We can mount your 5ft wide (left to right) x 3ft deep (top to bottom) (152cm x 91cm) banner when space allows, usually for a week each time, on rotation with other regular hire banners. Please enquire.


Banner sizes other than the above are difficult to mount and look untidy, which may reflect poorly on your event or activity.

For all banner enquiries, please contact Gary Cox at or call 01202 887247.

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