Covid-19 Safety Measures

These are the steps we've taken, and will continue to take, to keep everyone who enters the Allendale Centre as safe as possible. Please work with us to help protect staff, customers and all other visitors.

*A face covering MUST be worn when entering the Centre, unless an exemption applies* 

Measures include:


  • Different entry points for different rooms – to minimise movement in corridors etc.


  • Hand sanitiser – there is a sanitising stand at the main front entrance.

  • Signage – signs are used throughout the building to help guide people around and advise actions to be taken, e.g. hand washing.


  • Toilets – each block of toilets now has a lock on the main door, is accessible by one person at a time and is unisex. Within each block there is a dedicated cubicle for females and a dedicated cubicle for males. Where multiple sinks are in the toilet block, only one will be available for use, to allow focused cleaning.

  • General cleaning - daily cleaning of the whole premises will continue, with antibacterial products used throughout.  This will include all door handles and surfaces.


  • Tables, chairs and door handles are sanitised regularly – if room set-up is to be completed by the Allendale Centre, sanitisation of all tables and chairs to be used will be completed after set-up, ready for use.


  • Airflow – subject to weather conditions, we ask that all external doors and / or windows to a room remain open for the duration of all booked sessions.


  • A clear screen is in place at Reception desk to protect our staff and volunteers.