Marketing assistance for Allendale Centre hirers


If your event/group is open to the public, we can help you with marketing - and much of this help is free.

As well as this website, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube pages, plus The Allendale Magazine.


  • We can publicise your event/group on our website and social media, if you provide digital image and copy 

  • We can display your posters/flyers at the Centre, if provided

  • Subject to available space and deadlines, we can include your event/group in The Allendale Magazine

  • Also subject to available space, we can display your banner prior to an event

       This assistance is offered to support your own advertising.

With or following your booking form, please supply us with:


  • One or more good quality jpg or png images for our website and social media (not pdf, please)

  • Up to 120 words of copy for our website and social media, in a Word doc., including links to your website, social media and/or videos, as appropriate



  • 2 x A4 posters - one for notice board in Reception; one for outside, enclosed notice board (when space permits) 

  • A small quantity of A5 or A6 flyers, if you have them  


Roadside banner 

We have a wooden banner frame facing Hanham Road, seen by passing traffic and pedestrians. By prior arrangement, we can display your banner to promote an upcoming event. Max. size 305cm x 91cm (landscape).

Without at least some of the above, we won't be able to advertise your event.

The Allendale Magazine

The quarterly Allendale Magazine contains articles about facilities, hirers, activities and events at the Centre; news about Wimborne and surrounding areas; articles of interest to the local community; contributions from local schools and more.

We can usually include something about new regular events, and single events happening at the Allendale within the quarter.

A half page article will be about 250-300 words plus image; full page about 600-650 words plus image; fewer words if multiple images used. Articles need to be submitted in a Word doc. and may be edited as necessary.

Images supplied should be min. 1MB file size for good print quality (min. 5MB if being used on the front cover). 

Submitting material / enquiries

Please send:

Digital images & copy

Banner frame enquiries

Allendale Magazine enquiries, articles and images* 

to Gary Cox,


Please mark supplied posters/flyers/banners for attn. of Gary Cox.


*Please note  Deadline for Allendale Magazine, Oct-Dec 2021 issue: 20th August 2021.

Like us to help with ticket sales for your event? 

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