Marketing assistance for Allendale Centre hirers


If your event/group is open to the public, we can help you with marketing

This assistance is offered to support your own advertising

  • We can publicise your event/group on our website and social media 

  • We can display your posters/flyers at the Centre

  • Subject to available space, we can display an external banner 

  • Subject to available space and deadlines, we can include your event/group in The Allendale Magazine


With or following your booking form, please supply us with:


  • A good quality jpg or png image for our website and social media (not pdf, please)

  • Up to 120 words of copy for our website and social media, in a Word doc. or an email


  • 2 x A4 posters - one for notice board in Reception; one for outside, enclosed notice board (space permitting) 

  • A5 or A6 flyers, if you have them  

NOTE: If you employ us to sell tickets for your event, please be aware that we can sell online (through Ticketsource) or in person at the Allendale, but not over the phone. When designing your event image, it's best to add for booking, instead of our phone number. Please see here for more ticketing information.  

Roadside banner frames

Read more here. 

The Allendale Magazine

Read more here.

Ticket sales

If you're presenting a show or hosting an event that requires ticketing, we can help. Read more here

Enquiries & submissions

Please send:

Digital images & copy, banner frame enquiries, Allendale Magazine enquiries (please read here first) and ticket sales enquiries (please read here firstto Gary Cox: 

Please mark supplied posters/flyers/banners for attention of Gary Cox.