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Minster Hall & Theatre at the Allendale, Wimborne

Allendale Centre Minster Hall & Theatre
Allendale Centre Minster Hall & Theatre

With flexible seating options, the Minster Hall & Theatre hosts a dazzling array of events.

As a Hall with or without furniture, it's perfect for conferences, dance & exercise classes, fairs & markets, meetings, rehearsals, social events and much more. Mics and PA available, and with a professional projector & screen installation it's also ideal for video presentations and film shows. 

Allendale Centre Minster Hall & Theatre
Allendale Centre Minster Hall & Theatre
Allendale Centre Minster Hall & Theatre
Allendale Centre Minster Hall & Theatre
Allendale Centre Minster Hall & Theatre

As a Theatre, it can host standing gigs, seated concerts, comedy, plays, talks, dance events and more. 

There's a proscenium arch stage, lighting and sound system, sprung wooden floor and, when required, a fully stocked and staffed bar. It's great (and much used) for live music, live theatre and similar events. Professional projector and screen facilities also available. 

Seating can be arranged theatre, cabaret or herringbone style, thrust/in-the-round for floor-based performances, or all-standing. Maximum seating capacity 301; maximum standing capacity 350-400. View some seating options here.

We have the Canford Room and Julian Room available as Green/dressing room(s), plus the Quarter Jack Hall as an extra large dressing room or rehearsal space. In addition, we can help with marketing and ticket sales.

Minster Hall & Theatre dimensions

Floor area (excluding stage and entrance/exit passage):

Length 14.7m. house right (bar side), 14.4m. house left (storage room side)

Width 12.4m.

Ceiling height 4.9 m.

Stage info

Proscenium arch stage with wings both sides, and rear crossover.

Entry to stage via door & steps stage right.

Performance area (performers visible to audience, with tabs and mid-blacks fully open):

Upstage centre to downstage centre 6570mm.

Stage right to stage left (excluding wings) 7850mm.


Standing (gig etc.), 350-400. 

Seated, rows of chairs facing stage for show/talk, 301 max. (limited room for any other furniture). 

Seated, rows of chairs facing projector screen, 301 max. but 261 advised - avoids audience in front rows looking side-on at screen (limited room for any other furniture). 

Seated, cabaret style, 140, depending on dance floor requirement.

Tables & chairs around the walls (parties etc.), up to 150, with dance floor.

All capacities may be affected by space required for DJ/band/catering etc.  

6ft. tables for fairs/markets etc: 32 x 6ft. is comfortable. A few more can be squeezed in but, once full of traders, stock and customers, the space can be 'tight', with limited room for customers to move around and shop.


Whatever your requirements, just contact us to find out more and to book! 

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