MINSTER MARKET @ the Allendale

Fridays 8am - 2pm


It’s back – bigger and better than before! 


The Wimborne & District Community Association (WDCA, who manage the Allendale Centre), are delighted to have relaunched Minster Market @ the Allendale. There’s been a market on Friday mornings at the Allendale for many years; some of you will recall the WI Market and later the Wimborne Country Market.


The relaunched Minster Market @ the Allendale has stalls throughout the Minster Hall, Quarter Jack Hall and outside areas, and you're likely to find fresh fish, local meat, fresh fruit & veg, homemade cakes, eggs, baked goods, confectionery, wholefoods, spices, jewellery and collectibles, skincare, cards, clothes, watches, household goods, plants, and more!


Situated in the centre of town, with Café @ the Allendale on site for refreshments, surrounded by ample car parking and with the beautiful River Allen alongside, it’s the perfect place to spend a Friday morning browsing, and a great location to bring the Market back to life in Wimborne. Parking information here.


A little history:

In March 2020 – coincidentally preplanned before the pandemic – the Wimborne Country Market ceased trading from the Centre. The WDCA thought it would be a shame for the community to lose this facility, so began looking into the option of continuing a market under their own management. Then came the pandemic, but let’s not linger on that! As soon as they were able, the WDCA welcomed traders back to the Allendale under the new name of Minster Market and Friday mornings came alive once again. Through lockdowns and launches, masks mandatory and optional, socially distanced or not, the WDCA persevered and created a wonderful community of traders.

With the news that (entirely separate) Wimborne Market would be closing at some point, interest was shown from several traders in the Market about a possible alternative when that time came. When it was announced that Wimborne Market would close on 19th December 2021, the Allendale was already well placed to step in and offer support and assistance to those traders who would be losing access to their customers. Many of these traders had been a part of Wimborne Market – and indeed Wimborne community – for over 20 years and were not ready to hang up their boots just yet! While the Allendale couldn't offer the opportunity of 3 consecutive days' trading, the management team worked closely with the market traders to accommodate as many as possible within the Friday Minster Market.


As Wimborne’s community association, the WDCA have been actively encouraging communications to be opened between them and Wimborne Minster Town Council and Dorset Council to ensure that in the long term, Wimborne can retain the Market that has been such an integral part of the town for so many years, in a way that benefits everyone. With many different options available for consideration, and lots of discussion being had amongst the community both on and offline, Wimborne can rest assured that there remains both a strong desire, and a successful future, for the Market within the town.

Most importantly though, Wimborne still has a Market on Fridays! 

For enquiries, including for stalls, please call 01202 887247 or

email info@theallendale.org

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