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Ticket sales & marketing for Allendale contract bookings

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Welcome. Let's get tickets for your event on sale, and get it marketed!


As soon as possible, please supply an A4, preferably portrait-orientation image/poster in jpg or png format, and 100 - 150 words of copy. We should have ticket details on your contract.


We can sell tickets online, over the phone or in person at the Allendale (all through TicketSource).

When designing your event image/poster, we advise that you include:

Tickets from, 01202 887247 or the Allendale

If room allows, add our address: Allendale Centre, Hanham Road, Wimborne BH21 1AS


  • We can publicise the event on our website (and social media) 

  • We can display A4 posters and A5/A6 flyers

  • Subject to available space, we can display an external banner 

  • Subject to space & deadlines, we can include your event in the Allendale Magazine

  • We publish a monthly e-newsletter, Allendale Monthly, and include a selection of events every month

  • We can display your image on one of our Reception TVs

Digital images, information & print

Here's what we can use, and what to avoid. Read more here

Roadside banner frames

We have banner frames facing Hanham Road. Read more here

The Allendale Magazine 

Subject to space and deadlines, we can include something about coming events.  Read more here

Reception TV displays

We have wall mounted, 32" TV screens in Reception, visible to everyone entering through the front doorsRead more here 

Enquiries & submissions

Please send:

Digital images & copy, banner frame enquiries, Allendale Magazine enquiries (please read here first) and ticket sales enquiries (please read here first) to Gary Cox: 

Please mark supplied posters/flyers/banners for attention of Gary Cox.

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