Disabled access at the Allendale Centre, Wimborne

This information may be of use to customers and Centre users with a disability.

Please do get in touch if you have further queries or requirements.


  • The Allendale Centre is entirely on the ground floor, except for the Minster Hall / Minster Theatre stage and lighting control area


  • The main front entrance/exit has automatic sliding doors and a very gentle incline

  • The Minster Hall / Minster Theatre, Quarter Jack, Wobble Room and Café @ the Allendale all have wide, level entrances

  • The Julian Room, Gulliver Room, Little Otters soft play (Canford Room) and Quarter Jack kitchen have slightly narrower level entrances, wide enough for most manual wheelchair users

  • There is an accessible toilet, about halfway between the front and rear of the building, plus other toilets near the front and rear

  • There are four ramped emergency exits suitable for wheelchair users:

       from the Minster Hall / Minster Theatre

       from the Quarter Jack

       the main front entrance/exit

       the side exit, close to the Julian Room, Little Otters soft play (Canford Room) and accessible toilet 

  • Emergency assembly points are all on level ground