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Marketing assistance & ticket sales for hirers


If your event/group is open to the public, we can help you with marketing, and ticket sales if required.


  • We can publicise your event/group on our website and social media

  • We can display your posters/flyers at the Centre

  • Subject to available space, we can display an external banner 

  • Subject to space and deadlines, we can include your event/group in The Allendale Magazine

  • There is no charge for these services, as long as you provide the requested materials  Read more here


Ticket sales:

If your event requires advance ticketing, we can

  • Sell tickets at the Centre, in advance and on the door (if required)

  • Sell tickets over the phone

  • Sell tickets online through TicketSource     Read more here

Please follow the links for more information, and get in touch!

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